3 Salesforce Tips to Prevent Prospecting Mistakes

The other day I had a conversation with my Director of Marketing who mentioned that four different people from the same company were prospecting her at the same time. Not only was this extremely annoying, but it was a complete turn off from a business standpoint.

This prospecting mistakes could have easily been prevented had the sales development team had a better system of communication and collaboration. To make sure this never happens to your team, consider adopting the following tips when working out of your CRM such as Salesforce:

  1. Use the “Find Duplicates” Button

Before calling a prospect click the “Find Duplicates” button to see if the contact you are calling has also been assigned to someone else. If this is the case, scroll down to the activity history to see if someone on your team has already reached out. If someone is already pursuing this contact, change the lead status to “Duplicate” or just delete it completely. If it has not been touched, give them a call, but make sure to mark the other contact in the system as a duplicate or simply delete it.

  1. Use the “Additional Notes” Section

Often times the additional notes section in Salesforce is neglected. Use this space to log notes from the conversations you’ve had with that particular prospect. This not only raises a red flag when another colleague pulls up the contact, but also allows for a smooth transition should someone new be assigned to the project. It is better to have too many notes than none at all.

  1. Mark Leads and Lead Statuses Appropriately

Make sure the contact is in your name and has the appropriate lead status. If the contact is not in your name, then chances are you probably shouldn’t be making the call unless instructed otherwise. Also, make sure to mark the lead status appropriately whether it be prospecting, contact identified, interested, not interested, nurture, etc. This way whether it’s you who’s prospecting them or someone else is looking up this contact, everyone knows where that contact stands in the sales funnel. You don’t want to send the contact 3 similar introductory emails, so to avoid that make sure you and your team are using lead statuses correctly.

The last thing you want to do as an SDR is to make people angry because you or your prospecting process is unorganized. This could not only lead to a missed business opportunity, but also a bad reflection on your company as a whole. Take advantage of the features Salesforce has to offer. Use that find duplicates button to make sure no one else on your team has already reached out to that prospect. Log anything and everything in that notes section, not only so you can stay organized, but if someone else ends up calling into that account, they can pick up right where you left off. Lastly, mark leads and lead statuses appropriately. Pay attention who the lead or account is assigned to, and make sure that it is yours to call on. Pay attention to the lead status and make sure it is accurate. By following these simple tips, you can avoid over-prospecting your prospects like the company that had continuously reached out to my DOM.

What other CRM or Salesforce tips would you add to avoid over-prospecting?

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Gillian Sontz

Gillian Sontz

Gillian Sontz is a Business Partner Representative at The Weather Company, an IBM business. She enjoys reading anything sales and marketing related! Gillian is a dog lover and member of Pats Nation.

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