3 Things to Consider When Picking Up Sales Tips From Those Around You

Walk into any Sales Development office, and you’ll most likely see at least a couple dozen cubes in close proximity to one another. At each cube sits a sales development rep, headset on, typing away. The room is very loud, especially with multiple SDRs having conversations with prospects, and each other. Although this environment may seem extremely disruptive, there is one huge advantage of SDRs sitting close to one another—the ability to pick up on the conversations happening around them.

An effective way to improve one’s phone skills, is by listening to the prospecting techniques and strategies of those around you, and then incorporating them into your scripting and messaging. Although proactively learning from your peers around you is a great way to enhance yours sales development skillset, it is important to be mindful of the following:

1. What works for someone else, may not work for you.

No two prospects are the same. A messaging strategy that works for someone else may not necessarily work for you. When picking up tips from your fellow SDRs, pay attention to what types of companies and titles they are calling into. Some SDRs take a more aggressive approach to prospecting, while others may take a laid back approach. Do not change your individual style.

2. Do not just listen to the best rep on the floor.

Just like no two prospects are alike, no two SDRs are alike. Don’t just focus on the rep passing the most opportunities and try to copy them! Many different prospecting styles and techniques can contribute to sales success. Pay attention to what each of your fellow reps is doing differently from the next. Is the rep to the right of you talking the prospect’s ear off? Is the rep to the left of you asking detailed probing questions? Did you hear the guy across the office overcome an objection and set up a discovery call? Don’t just pay attention to the top performing reps, pay attention to everyone.

3. Make the messaging your own. 

When picking up tips from your peers, do not copy their words verbatim. A big part of sales is thinking on your feet. If you’re reading off a script the whole time, or copying someone else's messaging, you not only risk sounding monotonous and disinterested to the prospect, but also annoying your coworker! The most effective approach for picking up tips from conversations around you, is to write down words or phrases that you find appealing, and then work them into your individual messaging. If you think your messaging is solid, and just need to freshen it up, listening to your peers may be the extra spice you need!

If you take just a few minutes each day to listen to a couple of your colleagues on the phone, there is sure to be at least one thing you can take away from their conversations. Taking a few minutes to listen to those around you may be the difference between reaching 100 % of quota, or missing your goal by one or two opportunities. It doesn't hurt to give it a try. Remember, always keep your ears open!

What helpful sales tips have you picked up from those around you? 

Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson

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