5 Apps to Make You a Social Selling Pro

Sales Wars is pleased to bring you a guest blog post from Sales Jedi Austin Duck, Content Marketing Manager of CircleBack.

It’s clear that social selling is here to stay. But what isn’t obvious yet is how we can do it in a practical, scalable, reproducible way.

Sure, some of us are natural networkers, we “get” social media, and we have an eye for opportunity and a natural knack for knowing the right thing to say. But some of us aren’t. We either aged out of the whole “social media” thing and have had to learn it as adults, or we think it takes too much time, doesn’t make the ROI obvious, and frankly, we’re just better in person.

Whatever the situation - pro or not - what social selling needs is a little process, a little predictability, and a clear way to track our results. Fortunately, there are several powerful tools out there designed specifically to transform your social selling process - whether haphazard, refined, or non-existent - into a strong, repeatable, scalable component of your efforts.

5 Apps to Make You a Social Selling Pro

1. Listen and Connect with UberVU by Hootsuite: Though you may be using a version of Hootsuite to track social selling opportunities, there’s a good chance you’re not using it completely. Recently Hootsuite rolled out its UberVU listening functionality that allows you to track keywords and conversations across more than 2 million channels, and it’s changed the social-lead identification game completely. At the very least, you can track terms and phrases that surface real people who need your solution, and, at best, you can search your competitor’s social media for negative comments and engage those unhappy customers right then and there with your business’ much better alternative.

2. Grow the Right Relationships with Nudge: In the midst of dozens of people in your extended network tweeting things that look like social selling opportunities, it’s tough to know which to pursue. Or, it was before Nudge. Nudge is a tool that tracks your relationships across your networks (LinkedIn, email, Twitter, etc) and highlights who you have stronger relationships with and who might be worth a bit more effort. Then, based on their social posting and interactions, Nudge recommends content and conversation topics you can use to have the best chance at building a great relationship and closing a sale.

3. Optimize Your Entire Social Selling Process with PeopleLinx: PeopleLinx for Salesforce is, as far as I can tell, the first truly comprehensive social selling tool on the market. From advice and metrics on building social profiles primed for selling to relevant content curation (and library-building) to network development to analytics, PeopleLinx drives social selling in a straightforward, scalable way.

4. Always Deliver Brand-Relevant Content with WittyParrot: Every salesperson has different ideas about which articles and collateral best highlight the need that their business fills. But sometimes, with different salespeople pushing different pieces of content, brand voice and consistency gets lost in the mix. WittyParrot works to change all that by collating relevant outside articles and useful internal collateral and delivering them directly to your team. In doing so, it gives decision makers the ability to control the consistency of your message and gives your sales team access to the resources they need.

5. Track Changes in Your Network with CircleBack: I may be biased because I work at CircleBack, but all you have to do is connect your iOS or Android address book to the app, and  this app lets you know when your contacts change work phone numbers, emails, companies, or titles. That way, you know exactly when someone moves into a decision-making position, and you can reach out to reconnect. You can also use the business card scanner capability and email signature capture to quickly add contacts to your address book and Salesforce.

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Austin Duck

Austin Duck

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