Aligning Marketing and The Sales Development Hub: QuotaFactory Partners with Campaign Stars

Sales Wars is pleased to bring you a guest blog post from Sales Jedi Henry Bruckstein of Campaign Stars.

The greatest engine in the world is just a block of iron without fuel. The most powerful computer still needs electricity, and the most accurate rifle still needs ammunition. This is why a Content as a Service (CaaS) model is becoming an increasingly popular and attractive option for demand generation.

What Is Content, Really?

Today, “content” is a word tossed around more often than horseshoes at a picnic, so what is it? Content is anything and everything businesses use to connect and communicate with their buyers. Whether it's emails, graphics and logos, surveys, blog posts, eBooks, videos, or something else entirely, content is a conversation with your customers. Understanding which decision-makers within an organization you are engaging, and how to talk to them at every stage of the buying journey, is the difference between your campaign being a real ringer, and just “close enough.”

Why QuotaFactory + Content as as Service?

Study after study has shown that QuotaFactory's prospect relationship management (PRM) platform increases sales performance by up to 30%. The value of the human touch it provides just can't be overestimated.

Now, thanks to QuotaFactory's partnership with Campaign Stars, you can harness the power of the ultimate marketing one-two punch. Create engaging content faster than ever before to drive more qualified leads, and convert more of those leads than you ever thought possible with QuotaFactory's dynamic PRM system.

Identify more prospects, qualify more leads, and convert more sales. Guide your customers along the buying journey every step of the way with an uninterrupted stream of high-octane content, and get them across the finish line with a multi-faceted cascade of targeted, effective follow-up communication.

Why is Creating Good Content Hard?

If content is so important, why aren't marketers creating more of it?  And why are they not sure if the content they do produce resonates?

Well, that's a bit like asking, “If winning the Super Bowl is so great, why don't football teams do it more often?” Marketers would love to create more content, but the fact of the matter is that for many internal marketing departments, they just don't have the time, resources, or talent to produce all the creative assets they would like to. In fact, 64% of marketers say their single biggest challenge is producing enough content. An additional 52% admit they struggle to produce content that engages, and 45% say they have trouble producing a variety of content.

Why Content as a Service?

Enter Campaign Stars, and their Content as a Service model. Traditional internal marketing is like buying your own power generator, and CaaS is the on-demand simplicity of plugging into an electrical outlet.

Campaign Stars' clients simply share their brand's vision and insight via their collaboration platform, purchase credits that are redeemable for any number of services, and select what assets they need. Campaign Stars then targets their audience, creates the content, delivers it via the client's marketing automation software, and then tracks campaign performance across dozens of key performance indicators (KPIs). Marketers can buy more credits whenever they need, and they never have to exhaust their own bandwidth to create engaging content.

It's plug-and-play simplicity, leveling the playing field and putting great content in the hands of more marketers. And the results don't lie. Campaign Stars' CaaS model leads to increased response rates of 44-84%, more MQLs and SQLs, and a dramatically greater ROI from any marketing budget. You can maximize your results while minimizing your risk by knowing what works, with whom, and why.

Now your department has both the engine and the fuel, and the light just turned green.

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Henry Bruckstein

Henry Bruckstein

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