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Chris Snell

Chris Snell
Chris Snell is Director of Sales and Marketing for QuotaFactory. As the second SDR hired way back in 2002, when the company was formerly known as AG Salesworks, Chris is currently responsible for the sales and marketing efforts of QuotaFactory. Chris lives in southeastern Massachusetts and is the proud father of his two children.
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Communicating with Your Sales Manager: What You Need to Know (Part Two)

Welcome to part two of Communicating with Your Sales Manager: What You Need to Know. To recap, what we’re talking about some things you need to know and be aware of when you have your one-on-one meetings with your boss, regardless of how well...

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Communicating with Your Sales Manager: What You Need to Know (Part One)

If you’re having a good month, talking with your sales manager is easy. You’re riding high and hitting quota, be you an SDR or a full cycle sales rep, and they’re excited to talk with you. Depending on how successful you aren’t, though,...

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Sales Voicemails . . . Important or Not?

“…I’m away from my desk at the moment, but will return your call once I get back.  Please leave your name, number, and a short message after the beep.  Thanks.”

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Sales Prospecting and the Slumping SDR


Slumps suck. I can say this as a fan of the Boston Red Sox. After having one of the longest championship droughts in baseball history (86 years) the Sox (finally) won the World Series in 2004. My friends out in the InterWebs who are Cubs fans...

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Four Ways an SDR Can Become Indispensable

Everyone has that co-worker that just outshines everyone else that they work with.  They’re often the first person at the office in the morning and the last person to shut the lights off at the end of the day.  For the most part, do you know what...

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A Word to the SDR Desiring More Sales Training

One of the things I’m working on at Care is trying to build a world class sales training program.  Our new VP of Global Sales, Ben Robinson, had only been here for a month when he realized that this was something that our entire sales team could...

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5 Signs Your SDR Has Checked Out

Sales Wars is pleased to bring you a guest post from Sales Jedi Chris Snell, Director of Inside Sales at

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