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A long time ago at a B2B company far, far away there was a sales team with an unorganized sales and marketing process and a broken strategy. They quickly turned to Sales Wars for sales development perspectives, tips, and stories to accelerate their sales and marketing forecast.

Craig Ferrara

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Managers: Do You Need to Revisit Your Sales Development Objectives?

Leading by example seems to be an obvious trait that we should all expect from our leadership. I’ve always found it all too common and difficult to relate to managers, peers, or even subordinates who are willing to offer advice on strategies (often...

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The Best Traits to Look For in Sales Development Candidates

I’ve been interviewing sales development candidates for over 10 years now. As you can imagine, I’ve met just about every kind of aspiring sales reps out there. Over that time I’ve often caught myself seeking the same, obvious traits in people hoping...

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Why You Need More Than One Rep On Your Sales Development Team

Your sales development team has heard it before: cold calling is not a walk in the park. Sometimes, it will seem like a monumental struggle, trudging through lists full of incorrect contacts and trying your best to influence influencers. It can be...

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Overcoming Cold Call Reluctance: 3 tips for new SDRs

I think it’s safe to say that nearly everyone in the sales game had humble beginnings. Some of you may have had the fake bravado on the outside when you started, but on the inside, like me, you were probably scared out of your mind.

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Sales Managers: Don’t Forget Where You Came From

Early on in my career I recognized that the strongest corporate cultures truly took the 'people-first' approach to heart. It seemed obvious to me that every company would adopt this approach but I have been unpleasantly surprised more than a few...

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5 Ways to Prevent Bad Data from Ruining Your Sales Development Process

One of the most consistent themes I've seen with struggling marketing campaigns is inaccurate data. It has been, and continues to be, a thorn in the side of all inside sales and sales development reps. We'd like to believe that the data we...

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7 Areas of Marketing Intelligence Uncovered in Sales Conversations

When beginning a new teleprospecting campaign, we are tempted to judge it’s effectiveness solely by the number of qualified leads that are generated. Focusing only on the end results can cause us to lose sight of the valuable information that is...

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3 Tips to Ensure SDR Training is Internalized

If you’ve been managing a team for over a year you’ve inevitably dealt with a struggling sales development rep who feels like they have all the answers, yet their performance doesn’t necessarily dictate that.  The last thing you want to see is a...

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7 Issues that Affect Sales Campaign Success

For the last 13 years I would argue that every single campaign we’ve run is different than the rest, very few are exactly alike. While there may be many similarities, we’re always faced with some kind of unique challenge. Believe me, the differences...

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