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A long time ago at a B2B company far, far away there was a sales team with an unorganized sales and marketing process and a broken strategy. They quickly turned to Sales Wars for sales development perspectives, tips, and stories to accelerate their sales and marketing forecast.

Greg Otmaskin

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The Importance of Strategic Dialing in Sales Development [& How to execute on it]

Blindly dialing A-Z into a large, cold list of target accounts will rarely lead to success in the world of sales development. When an SDR on my team comes to me expressing their struggles of obtaining enough quality conversations to sustain their...

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Accelerate Sales Prospecting with a Productive Workplace

While working in lead generation, regardless of the product or technology ultimately being sold, an SDR needs to be as efficient as possible at all times in order to hit their weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual quotas. There are a few different...

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3 Sales Development Tips to Generate Qualified Leads

As a Sales Development Manager in the B2B technology space it’s not uncommon to see sales development reps become intimidated when being introduced to a client whose technology or industry is new to them. As they’re receiving introductory...

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