Fueling The Sales Development Hub: QuotaFactory Strengthens Partnership with InsideView

It’s been a very exciting week here at QuotaFactory.  We’ve already launched our Sales Development Hub powered by Bedrock Data as well as a full integration with gamification and analytics experts, Ambition. We are now extremely excited to announce some incredible improvements to our existing integration with InsideView’s entire product stack.

InsideView was the first organization to see the power of the platform we built and we worked very quickly to get as much of their offerings integrated into QuotaFactory’s Prospect Relationship Management (PRM) platform.  The initial integration consisted of mostly sales-focused options such as adding new accounts and contacts and appending corporate data to records.  This was great functionality, yes, but it was geared towards the individual SDR.  It was designed to be used record by record as part of an SDR workflow without the ability to do things en masse.

Search new accounts by company name and add relevant contacts with one click.

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Thanks to the continued hard work of our development team and the flexibility of the InsideView APIs, that is all going to change.  We have just launched enhanced integrations that will allow for managers (both marketing and sales) to cleanse and append large data sets directly from the QuotaFactory platform.  If you have a team of 10 SDRs and a list of 10,000 records you’d like to import, we now give you the option to either cleanse them or append them against InsideView’s 30 million+ records at the time of import.  This ensures that your SDRs have the most up-to-date records in play as they begin their QuotaFactory task campaigns.

Gain access to business intelligence and more contacts for all target accounts.

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We’ve also extended the ability to update mass numbers of records right in the contacts and accounts screen.  This puts the full horsepower of InsideView right in the hands of your SDRs.  They can perform their own database management within QuotaFactory, thus making them that much more valuable to your organization.

Cleanse and append all new and existing accounts and contacts within your database.

Fueling The Sales Development Hub QuotaFactory Partners with InsideViewFueling The Sales Development Hub QuotaFactory Partners with InsideView
For a limited time, InsideView and QuotaFactory are offering our new and existing PRM clients 10,000 records cleansed and appended as part of your normal QuotaFactory subscription.  This is a huge value when you consider what this type of work would cost in both time and money if you had to do it on your own.  It’s a great way to kick off this new functionality and we are very excited that the team at InsideView has offered to make such a huge initial impact on the type of value our clients receive.

Narrow your search criteria to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Fueling The Sales Development Hub QuotaFactory Partners with InsideView Step 2

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Peter Gracey

Peter Gracey

Pete is QuotaFactory's CEO, and co-founded the original AG Salesworks in 2002. Pete is responsible for company growth, success, and helping clients reach their sales quota.

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