Identify and Track Key Performance Indicators for Sales Development [+Printable Worksheets]

Importance of Clarifying Responsibilities & Identifying Key Performance Indicators

Initial sales development rep (SDR) training should always include a written summary of responsibilities and metrics that management will be tracking in order to evaluate success. But how often is your team reminded of these responsibilities and key performance indicators (KPIs) throughout their tenure? Are you holding your SDRs accountable for their output and encouraging them to surpass their goals? On the other hand, are you sure they are aware of exactly what is expected of them, especially as these responsibilities change and grow? SDRs should have a clear understanding of their responsibilities, expectations, and what advancement looks like within the company so that they always know what to strive for.

How QuotaFactory Tracks Key Metrics

Within our PRM, there are 5 key metrics tracked based on the team’s overall monthly goals and it’s purpose is to drive daily activity. Metrics measured include: total outbound dials, follow ups, power hours, contacts needed, and fresh accounts to review. These metrics are clearly displayed on the PRM home screen and SDRs access their progress in real-time. By the end of each workday, SDRs should have 5 green check marks on their homepage. If not, it’s their responsibility to pick up the pace to stay on track to accomplishing their monthly goals.

SDR Daily Dashboard

Providing a visual representation of the output expected from SDRs on a daily basis reinforces the keys to an SDR’s success and displays real-time pace for quota attainment. We also host daily meetings to review performance of individuals and teams as a whole. In addition to our daily update meetings, monthly and semi-annual reviews are held with management to review performance, advancement opportunities, and long-term goals for each SDR.

Download the Continuous Training and Education Workbook for Sales Management Part 1 below for printable checklists and worksheets to help clarify SDR responsibilities for every member of your team, organize tracking and reporting for SDR advancement within your company, and identify key performance indicators for your sales development team.

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Michaela Cheevers

Michaela Cheevers

Michaela Cheevers is an Account Development Manager at O.C. Tanner. She is responsible for developing and managing the recognition strategies of organizations in the Northeast. Her mission is to help companies recognize and celebrate the great work accomplished by their employees through the power of appreciation.

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