Key Takeaway From the 2016 TOPO Sales Summit: Account-Based Everything

If you didn’t send your salespeople to the 2016 TOPO Sales Summit, you missed 2 days, 4 tracks, and 20+ industry thought leaders speaking on the state and current trends of the sales development community.

Though we’ve been providing 14+ years of sales development services and recently productized that experience by creating our own, all-inclusive prospect relationship management software, it was helpful for us to learn about how others are approaching the art of sales development today. We dove into the conference with the goals of gathering insight into the biggest sales development challenges, gaps in technology and infrastructure, and uncovering the latest trends in our industry.

Two common themes that stood out to us the most during our 2-day attendance was specificity and account-based everything (ABE). More specifically, we listened to many sales leaders explain the importance of adopting account-based strategies within siloed departments (sales, sales development, marketing, customer success, etc.) and integrating those strategies to create one account-based strategy that is driven by customized messaging i.e. specificity.  Though we’ve already adopted these 2 themes into our own strategy, the summit discussions still provoked new thought processes and questions about sales strategy in general. For this reason, we’d like to use what we learned at the TOPO Sales Summit to provoke you the way that the sales sessions did for us. So, the next time you’re evaluating your current strategies, ask yourself these questions:

1. What does your sales process look like and are you mapping out the details of every single stage?

2. How are you optimizing your business processes? Are you systematically testing hypothesis or relying on outcome bias?

3. The sales technology landscape is growing rapidly, what are you doing to onboard and enable your reps in relation to the technologies you provide them?

4. Are you letting technology define your process? Or, are you finding the right technology to fit your existing processes?

5. When selling to your ICP, are you addressing their key questions?

6. When you’ve closed a deal, are you circling back to obtain customer feedback and validation that your offering provides the same value that you are selling?

7. Is your personalization strategy scalable?

8. How data-driven are your decisions?

9. Are you relying on old strategies and techniques?

Throughout the 2 days at the TOPO Sales Summit, we were also exposed to some interesting statistics that got us thinking about the direction that sales development is headed. Do any of the following stats apply to you and your team?

[Tweet "59% of companies lack a well-designed sales process #TOPOsummit"]

[Tweet "Since ABM only reaches 13% of target accounts, it’s time for ABE (account-based everything) #TOPOsummit"]

[Tweet "Deals fall out of the sales funnel at 3 stages 13% qualification, 16% discovery, 23% demo"]

[Tweet "37% of sales leaders name tech as their most effective investment #TOPOsummit"]

[Tweet "40% of sales leaders will be evaluating a phone dialer solution in 2016 #TOPOsummit"]

[Tweet "30% of sales development teams are moving to ABSD (and growing) #TOPOsummit"]

[Tweet "50% of SDRs perform 3 types of touches (phone, email, and social) #TOPOsummit"]

Overall, it was a well-organized event and filled with interested sales and sales development professionals looking to network and learn more.  It’s reassuring to see the transition of prospecting go from prospecting at the contact level moving up to the account level and towards account-based sales development.  QuotaFactory’s all-inclusive sales development platform has ABSD built into the prospecting strategy so it’s interesting to see how well the ABSD value is being perceived in the sales development industry!

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Michaela Cheevers

Michaela Cheevers

Michaela Cheevers is an Account Development Manager at O.C. Tanner. She is responsible for developing and managing the recognition strategies of organizations in the Northeast. Her mission is to help companies recognize and celebrate the great work accomplished by their employees through the power of appreciation.

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