A Little Bit of Science in Your Sales

You may have heard this before – sales is more art than science, and in fact we have written about this before. And while we truly believe that it is a healthy mixture of both, there are some proven rules that you should try and follow especially as you head into the year’s second half.

Timing is Key

Salesforce.com states that 35-50% of sales go to vendors who respond first. If you have a warmer lead that has either come into you through a web form or an event, you should be following up as soon as possible. Salespeople who reach out to leads within an hour are seven times more likely to qualify someone than those who wait two hours and 60 times more likely than folks who wait 24 hours or more.  Start with a call – don’t be afraid to pick up that phone and put a personal touch to your voicemail should you need to leave one. Be sure to send a follow up email as this process has been proven to be the most effective.

Be Persistent

Did you know that it can take eight calls or more to reach a prospect? It can also take five or more calls (conversations) to convert a prospect! You should not be giving up after you fail to reach a prospect after the initial attempt. You don’t need to harass your prospects but if there is interest, your prospect will eventually become available to you for a follow up conversation.

Ask for Referrals

When was the last time you asked a client or even a prospect for a referral to someone that may be in need of your services? Most customers will give you a referral even if you just ask. Word of mouth is the best form of business so be sure to have that conversation with your clients and ask for their referrals

Don’t be afraid to make the follow-up and sales process yours to change. Do what feels natural to you but know that the above tips are tried and true and will help guide you to into becoming a closing machine!



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