You Need These 5 Technologies Represented in Your Sales Development Tech Stack

Why Your Sales Development Team Needs a Clearly Defined Technology Stack

At this stage in the game, ever-changing trends, challenges, and strategies have made it absolutely critical for sales development teams to adopt a clearly defined technology stack. Before doing so, it’s imperative that you develop a concrete sales development process first and then evaluate the solutions that best fit your strategy, do not mix up that order.

When your sales development process is aligned with the right technology, it frees up your reps’ time to focus on selling. Not only will the velocity of your sales process increase to grow sales, but the right technology can benefit your organization in more ways than just the obvious. Some of these benefits include a well-rounded sales playbook for your team, a more accurate measurement of ROI on your investments, and the ability to easily scale in the future.

A Complete Sales Playbook

When you define exactly what technologies will be included in your sales development strategy, you are determining the variables of your sales team’s playbook. In a study conducted by Brainshark and Forbes Insights, they found that 55% of top-performing companies are investing in sales enablement technology to drive sales productivity. We think that implementing a technology-based strategy to your existing process will be a key driver in helping you to keep up in today’s competitive marketplace.

Accurate Measurement of ROI

In conjunction with a clear and organized sales playbook for your team to execute on, a defined technology stack will provide transparency to executives who are in charge of allocating funds for the dedicated technologies. As relevant tools are added to your sales process, pay attention to how well they work and the value that is added, team adoption, and how they complement your current process. This way, management can track the cost of each technology and it’s correlation to the success of new business creation to accurately measure ROI.

Future Scalability

As you evaluate, test, and select technologies for your sales development process, it’s important to consider their overall ROI and their ability to help you scale your strategy as your team continues to be successful and grow. When evaluating technology, always ask questions about the software’s ability to scale with the growth of your team. (For more information on how to evaluate B2B technology, check out this blog post). Understanding how technology fits into the future vision of your organization, before implementation, is critical.

The Essentials for Your Sales Development Technology Stack

There are several key technology solutions that should be included in the technology stack of every sales development team. Download our latest guide below to learn what 5 components are the most important to drive success. The eBook features quotes from practitioners at technology companies such as InsideView, Act-On, HG Data, PhoneBurner, and Ambition!

The technology outlined in this eBook are suggestions based on the guidelines that we have found successful within our own sales development organization over the past 15 years.

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Michaela Cheevers

Michaela Cheevers

Michaela Cheevers is an Account Development Manager at O.C. Tanner. She is responsible for developing and managing the recognition strategies of organizations in the Northeast. Her mission is to help companies recognize and celebrate the great work accomplished by their employees through the power of appreciation.

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