A New Hire’s Perspective: The Benefits of a Sales Development Mentor Program

My first day at QuotaFactory was the best first day of work I have ever had. This was not only because of the fully stocked kitchenette with all the caffeine needed to power an entire city, let alone a company. But also because it was the first time I had ever left my first day of work feeling more comfortable than I had felt walking up the stairs for the first time. There were a few variables that helped my first day become what it was, but the one thing that made the biggest impression on me, would also carry my confidence and success through my first few months at QuotaFactory. What was it?

The Sales Development Mentor Program.

A few months before I started, an SDR at QuotaFactory came up with the extraordinary idea to develop a mentor program. I asked our Director of Marketing, Megan Tonzi, to explains what a successful mentor program was to her.

She said, “not only helps new employees learn company procedures and introduces them to company trainings, but also puts a positive spin on "the new employee" feeling.  Having this program allows new employees to have an automatic go-to person for any and all questions.  It helps reduce stress when learning a new environment and ultimately increases engagement (for both employees) and solidifies a successful ramp up.”

The Benefits of a Sales Development Mentor Program

Supplement New Hire Training.

The mentor program at QuotaFactory lasts for your first three months. It helps new hires to get acclimated to our company culture quickly, from "do's and don'ts on the job" to asking, "where is the best place to grab a quick lunch?” I have found that It makes getting to know your fellow employees easier as well, since your mentor already knows everyone. Your mentor can get to know you, the new hire, and then help you develop relationships with others faster and more comfortably than you would just heading blindly into your new job. When I started my new hire training, I was interacting with large group of individuals for brief periods of time and sometimes it could get very overwhelming. But, having a mentor to review what I learned and to answer any questions I had, helped to make training much easier and less stressful. I was comfortable enough and equipped with the right combination of training, that I was able to generate my first sales lead and make a massive first impression on the company during my first day. I’m convinced that I never would have felt comfortable enough to jump right in without the help and insight I obtained from my mentor.

Improve Internal Communication.

As new hires strive to make a strong impression and prove themselves in their starting weeks, they need someone to cheer them on and share their accomplishments with the team. Having a mentor who can be not only your friend but someone that can provide updates and insight on your progress to your managers for you is huge. A lot of the time new hires feel overwhelmed when they feel like their struggles are not being noticed or may be afraid to speak up to management right away. It’s a great feeling to have someone by your side who has built a good relationship within the company and understands the expectations. At QuotaFactory, the mentor and mentee meet regularly to provide and obtain feedback in the style of a laid back meeting as well as in the form of surveys that highlight topics such as: issues we may still be facing, comfort levels on the phone, effectiveness of messaging, and any other action items that the mentee may need additional assistance with. While in these meetings, mentors provide feedback and offers assistance in any way that they can. Then, they meet with management to recap the mentor/mentee meeting and provide the necessary feedback to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and is receiving the right information and training to make them successful.

Enhance Company Culture.

QuotaFactory is a very tight knit community. Walking into a company as a new hire, where everyone seems to be best friends and always willing to help each other, can be even more intimidating than some realize. However, when you implement a mentor program for your new hires, you are instantly providing an opportunity for everyone to get to know one another and create a positive culture.

In my opinion, company culture is everything. It is something you should take pride in as a company and should strive to make your new hires feel comfortable and situated. In order to be a successful company, you need to ensure your new hires understand what needs to be done and how to accomplish it. So, why not provide them with a venue that will make the transition even more timely and efficient? That’s what we did at QuotaFactory and I can honestly say, I wouldn’t go back and change my experience for anything. My mentor was my first friend, and continues to be one of my closest.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we created our mentor program at QuotaFactory. Take a look at our mentor/mentee surveys and evaluations sheets by downloading the training and education document below!

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Meghan Jennings

Meghan Jennings

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