Objections: Understanding to Overcoming

We have something that already does that…. Thanks, for the call though….

These are common words and a common objection when cold calling. The real question is, how do we overcome these objections to keep the top of the funnel full? One thing you must know about objections is that how you handle them determines how you keep the conversation flowing. In my years of working in Sales Development, I have found that most objections fall into 3 categories; this is how I overcome them.

First let’s talk about understanding, as this is key to overcoming them. As I mentioned I have found that you can categorize all objections into three buckets:

  • True Objections
  • False Objections
  • Silent Objections

True Objections are the spoken objections that are the hardest to overcome.

A true or real objection is simply something that is accurate about your (product, service) and you can not combat that with any fact or value. I have found only one way to overcome this objection, and that is to ask a follow up question and try to dig into how important that functionality is. Asking open ended questions and really digging into the objection will not only help you to combat it, but it will make a prospect feel like this problem matters. You are working together to solve this problem of why your solution(service) will not be a fit for their company.

“Your solution can only do ABC but it cannot do XYZ.”

Follow this up and find out how important that XYZ is, that way you can explain how your solution can help with the ABC and mitigate any need for concern on the part of your prospect. Essentially, this just makes a prospect stop and listen for 30 seconds longer so you can ease their mind about your solution.

The next kind of objection I want to touch on is False Objections. False Objections are pieces of information that a prospect thinks that they know about your solution but are false.

These are the easiest of all the objections to overcome. Simply provide the correct information to render that objection false.

“I hear your solution doesn’t work with XYZ.”

I would respond with: “Actually, we do work with XZY. That misconception is something I hear frequently. I have some information that I can email over to you to explain how it works.”

Follow up with a question, or an offer of specific information that will disprove their objection. It is common for companies to leak unfounded information about their competitors to get ahead in the market. A prospect doesn’t know what they don’t know until you tell them.

The last objection style I want to share with you are the absolute hardest to overcome, the unspoken, or Silent Objection.

Have you ever been chatting with a prospect, all seems like its going well, but as soon as you go to set the appointment, they opt out with no reason? This is the Silent Objection. These are the hardest to overcome, because you don’t initially understand what the objection is. A Silent Objection will eventually be one of the other two, it is just a matter of getting that out into words. If this happens, go back to some of the pain points that you had discussed, bring up the value, and try to reaffirm their understanding. A Silent Objection could be simply a misunderstanding of how something works.

Now that we have a base understanding, now we overcome. Overcoming objections is something that we do every day. Nine times out of 10 in a call you will get some type of objection (no budget, no sponsor, solution in place) but how do you overcome them.

Simply put: Understand them, the combat them.

Know what type of objection it is, know where its coming from, ask a question, and provide value that will solve their problem. As an SDR, our job is more than just cold calling, it’s understanding people, too. We need to know how to talk to every type of person and be able to understand how our solution (service) is really going to benefit their lives. When the objections start flowing, it’s a measurement of engagement, so keep those conversations going!


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Stephanie Haddock

Stephanie Haddock

Stephanie Haddock is an SDR I at QuotaFactory. With many years of experience in the marketing and sales, she specializes in strategic account based projects. She currently lives in Prescott, Arizona two hours north of the Sonoran Desert and enjoys the high desert mountains.

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