Owning Mondays from a Sales Development Perspective

“Mondays,” am I right?

Mondays have been tough since the beginning of the 8 hour work day. On May 19th, 1869, President Ulysses Grant issued a National Eight Hour Law Proclamation which was meant to protect child laborers who would generally work up to 10 to 12 hour days regularly. Hmm...maybe that's where most workers hostility for Mondays came from. Times have changed, though. Remote offices and flexible work hours have made the pressures of Mondays a little bit better since the days of back breaking labor and 12 hour work days.

So how can you make the most of Mondays?

Well for one treat it for what it is: the first day of the week.  Well, actually no, treat your Monday as a new opportunity to attack existing pipeline opportunities with a fresh approach. Thats better!  

Think about this, if you, the hungry hunter salesperson, are dragging on a Monday, how do you think the software engineer whose app testing script failed to run over the weekend is feeling? Empathy on your calls can go a long way. Make the prospect feel as though you understand if things are already crazy Monday morning, but you are here to make things better for them. If you can make one issue go away from their to-do-list, you have created a rapport that will last until the end of your sales pitch.

I like to focus on making 60 cold sales calls Monday morning to potentially build a pipeline with new opportunities. Remember a prospect telling you to call back Wednesday at 2pm is a great opportunity to set a calendar invite to show you are serious about connecting. When making my Monday 60 I generally need to stay hydrated to not only stay healthy but also to keep my voice ready for the potential hot lead that I might stumble onto. The old saying “Smile and Dial” comes to mind here but not in the outdated almost joking context it is used today but as a personal obligation to be ready for anything. Trust me you don't want to get caught with an opportunity with a C Level prospect and have a frog in your throat.

I also tend to eat a little differently than I did the weekend before. Focus on your bananas, yogurts and coffee. Remember to stay hungry. No, I don't mean starved I mean fueled with the right foods to get the job done and still be hungry for more. Paul Pierce, the great Boston Celtic, would eat a single PB&J sandwich exactly 55 minutes before gametime. He did this not only because thats a great snack choice but because it kept him hungry for success, a trait needed on the sales development floor.       

Another way to really attack your Monday is to start Sunday. Focus on the way you're preparing yourself mentally as well as physically. Queue up a playlist for the ride into the office and make it the night before get yourself to the point of near hysteria at the thought of attacking opportunity and prolonging your sales development career. I like 80s heavy metal not only because it rocks but artists like Motley Crue, Poison and Scorpions portray a certain confidence and dominance of their audience that totally can translate to a great sales call.

Remember you're the writer of your own sales development story, so when it's time to get motivated, Mondays always right around the corner and you’re going to own it.


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Dan Lamoureux

Dan Lamoureux

Dan Lamoureux is a Sales Development Representative at QuotaFactory. Dan lives in Brighton, Massachusetts but frequently his mind resides on the beaches of Santa Monica, California. In his spare time Dan enjoys listening to new music, practicing air guitar and skateboarding.

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