Providing The Sales Development Hub Its Competitive Edge: QuotaFactory Partners with HG Data

“Hi, this is Pete with ABC company. We specialize in doing XYZ for companies like yours. Can you put me in touch with the person responsible for managing (insert target contact responsibility here) in your organization?”

It’s entirely possible I invented that prospecting intro format. For that I am truly sorry. I had the best intent when doing so and for a time it worked really well for me. That was 15 years ago. It’s safe to say that it’s not really working too well for people today.

Today’s prospecting is all about context baby! Sales context to be exact. These days you’d be a fool not to leverage all of the data at your disposal to prep for your calls like a champ.

About a year or so ago a good friend of mine, Mark Godley, took over as CRO for a company called HG Data. Their speciality was and is providing people with tech install information for their target prospects (i.e. might leverage them for a list of target companies currently using Microsoft Dynamics). While I am massively oversimplifying what they do, you get the point. Mark and I got to talking soon after he started at HG and it became very apparent that QuotaFactory needed HG Data in it’s life.

“There are two things that excite me about HG Data’s partnership with QuotaFactory:  1. HG Data consistently sees enormous appreciation, value and impact when our data is put in the hands of front-line, market facing reps.  Understanding installed technologies allows reps in conversation with prospects to ask more meaningful questions, narrow their pitch to points of differentiation and, in general, be more relevant in their dialogue with their market.  Everybody wins when that happens.  2. If Pete Gracey’s team is building something, I want in…no questions asked.  He’s been a nationally recognized leader in sales enablement, a domain expert in demand generation, and a visionary in high velocity sales.  There might be companies better known or making more noise about their widgets and tools, but my money is on Pete and his team to deliver real value…without the hype.” - Mark Godley, CRO of HG Data

Since then, we’ve enjoyed a marked improvement in all meaningful KPIs for our sales development campaigns. Knowing the incumbent landscape you are entering before you even pick up the phone is pure gold for an SDR. This is especially the case now that account based sales development (ABSD) is rising in prevalence and demanding a more focused and customized approach to prospecting. Focused prospect messaging driven by competitive intel builds confidence, promotes pre-call research, and drives quality conversation rates northward.

Our vetting process for adding integration partners to The Sales Development Hub is very simple. “Use them, love them, and then integrate them.” The “love” part comes from being able to measure real improvements in SDR key performance indicators. We use HG, we love HG, and now we are integrating HG. QuotaFactory PRM users now have access to the unfair competitive advantage HG Data provides directly through their QuotaFactory licenses. Hunt smarter!

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Peter Gracey

Peter Gracey

Pete is QuotaFactory's CEO, and co-founded the original AG Salesworks in 2002. Pete is responsible for company growth, success, and helping clients reach their sales quota.

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