Quick Start Guide for Implementing a Mentor Program for Sales Development Reps [+ Printable Worksheets]

Unfortunately, sales managers don’t have endless amounts of time to monitor every dial or email the sales development team is sending out. The point is, we need to find a way to make sure SDRs are internalizing training, then putting that education into action. A great way to improve accountability and spread learning throughout your organization is to implement a mentor program. A mentor program encourages teamwork and camaraderie among a group of SDRs and also reinforces training objectives. Helping your SDRs realize that they can rely on one another just as much as they can rely on their manager is a key component to building an effective company culture that fosters hard work and dedication and produces a productive environment that improves output.

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How QuotaFactory Built Its Mentor Program

At QuotaFactory, every new hire is paired with an experienced SDR for a 3-month period. Mentor and mentee are introduced upon first day of hire and set meetings once a week for the first month, bi-weekly for the second month, and once in the last month. These meetings range from 30 minutes to 1 hour and should be closely followed by a meeting between mentor and upper management. The mentee also completes a series of surveys throughout the mentorship, typically one per meeting. Throughout the 3-month period, the mentor also has access to a modest budget and is encouraged to take their mentee to lunch and alternate meeting activities to bond and to create an environment where communication can be more open and honest.

Download the Continuous Training and Education Workbook for Sales Management Part 2 below for printable checklists and worksheets to help jumpstart your first mentor program or to enhance an existing mentor program amongst your sales development team.

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Michaela Cheevers

Michaela Cheevers

Michaela Cheevers is an Account Development Manager at O.C. Tanner. She is responsible for developing and managing the recognition strategies of organizations in the Northeast. Her mission is to help companies recognize and celebrate the great work accomplished by their employees through the power of appreciation.

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