QuotaFactory Product Hits the Market Today

QuotaFactory Launches Leading Prospect Relationship Management (PRM) Platform to Accelerate Sales Cycles and Help Sales Development Reps (SDRs) Meet Quota

Solution to hasten B2B sales development lifecycles

Marlborough, Mass.September 14, 2015QuotaFactory, the leading Prospect Relationship Management (PRM) platform that empowers B2B sales development teams to succeed, today announced that its product has left beta and is now available to the general public.

QuotaFactory is an all-inclusive PRM platform that provides the optimal mix of technology and services for sales development teams to exceed quota by sourcing contacts with robust data sets, managing prospecting plans and automating dialing.

The new platform is available at two levels – Outsourced PRM, which includes services from QuotaFactory’s sales development representatives (SDRs) and Team PRM, a standalone license for in-house sales teams.

An average sales development team uses eight prospecting tools at any given time to source contacts, to send prospecting emails, to manage their prospecting plan and to automate their dialing. With QuotaFactory, SDRs have access to one simple platform that allows them to easily complete these three critical steps in the sales prospecting process and ultimately exceed quota.

"After years of successful sales development operations, we productized our internal know-how into the most user-friendly and impactful B2B prospecting platform available today,” said Peter Gracey, CEO, QuotaFactory. “With one platform for data, outbound messaging, call planning, reporting and automation, SDRs can now ditch the eight different logins for all the solutions they're currently using and free up their time to do what they were hired to do – speak live with prospects."

QuotaFactory allows sales representatives to determine ideal customer profiles and develop an accurate phone and email database to ensure time is not wasted targeting the wrong prospects.  SDRs are then challenged through a set of daily objectives and activities including automated dialing, utilizing messaging templates, pre-built call planning and rigorous rules around qualification criteria, ensuring that each rep fully qualifies and passes as many targeted prospects as possible through meaningful conversations.

"As an experienced sales leader, I have seen as much as 60 percent of sales teams' time wasted on non-selling tasks,” said Paul Alves, CRO, QuotaFactory. “Understanding that problem fueled our passion to create QuotaFactory. We are offering a complete platform to maximize prospecting and selling time for sales development reps everywhere.  Our mission is simple: provide the necessary tools for every sales representative to exceed quota."

QuotaFactory is available and will be demonstrated at InsideView’s OpenLounge on Thursday, September 17 at noon, followed by a Q&A panel. OpenLounge takes place during the annual Dreamforce conference, starting September 15 and running through September 18 in San Francisco. OpenLounge is located two blocks from Moscone Center at 23 Geary Street. Registration is required. For more information on OpenLounge, visit: openlounge.insideview.com.

About QuotaFactory

QuotaFactory was founded with a single mission in mind – to help sales development teams exceed quota. QuotaFactory’s Prospect Relationship Management (PRM) is a machine to drive successful prospect engagement and exceed quota, bringing together once-disparate tools for sourcing contacts with robust data sets, managing prospecting plans and automating dialing. With nearly 15 years of experience creating and perfecting this process through work with sister company AG Salesworks, QuotaFactory is built on a proven sales development process for SDRs to target, engage and qualify prospects. For more information, follow @QuotaFactory on Twitter, read the QuotaFactory blog, visit http://www.quotafactory.com/ or visit the QuotaFactory headquarters in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

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Peter Gracey

Peter Gracey

Pete is QuotaFactory's CEO, and co-founded the original AG Salesworks in 2002. Pete is responsible for company growth, success, and helping clients reach their sales quota.

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