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The line pulls snug. The reel starts to fly. You crank the reel, feeling the tug. It’s a big one. The adrenaline rushes over you, this could be the catch of a lifetime. You reel and reel, fighting to win the battle. As the battle starts to wane, the line goes limp. You think you’ve won and as you go for that last reel the line jolts. It breaks.

We’ve all felt this feeling before, the sensation that you’ve caught “the big one” only for it to slip away. In turn leaving you waiting for the next elusive “big one”. Whether it be in fishing or sales development “the big one” signifies that elusive catch of a golden opportunity you work for everyday, and when the line breaks and you lose that “big one” it can feel like you wasted hours of work. But, what if that “big one” wasn’t so elusive anymore.

Fishing and sales prospecting share parallels in that with fishing you are fishing through a large pool of water with tons of fish swimming around and anyone can fish. But, the fishermen who use radar and better equipment will ultimately catch more fish than someone fishing blind. The same principle works in sales as well. In sales development and prospecting for sales qualified leads, anyone can pick up a phone and dial a prospects number. But, the sales development representative who is resourceful and utilizes all of their available tools taking the extra step to fully enrich their data will produce more sales qualified opportunities.

Often times as sales development representatives we are given data lists, keywords and target profiles to pursue. These lists are embedded into our brains as well as imported into our CRM’s and that’s it. Once they are imported and ready to go, as sales development representatives we think it is our job to just dial through these data lists qualifying and un-qualifying our prospects. The problem with this is that most SDR’s are effectively fishing blind. While it’s okay to just sit there and dial through a given data list, the SDR that takes the extra step to use their resources and enrich their data will be wildly more successful.

From my experience as an SDR when I receive a fresh batch of data and begin to dial through it, I often find faulty numbers, corporate lines, prospects who have moved roles, invalid emails and the list just goes on and on. To avoid the wasted dials and to save time I arm myself with a set of invaluable resources when it comes to prospecting.

The first resource I always utilize is LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator feature to learn more about the prospect. By simply searching for your prospect in this tool you’re able to see if they are still in fact with the company or not and to what extent their job responsibilities reflect the target you’re pursuing. The second resource that will always help to enrich data is to use a website such as or Zoom info. Sites like these will often times provide you with direct dial information as well as email domains based off some form of sourcing incentive and can prove extremely useful in reaching that elusive “big one”. Finally the third resource that I always use and it may seem silly is Google. Google has the answer to just about everything and sometimes it really doesn’t hurt to just google it, you may very well find what you’re looking for to enhance your data.

By taking these steps and enriching your data to the fullest with all the resources available you’ll find that it’s no longer so difficult to find the right prospects and proper information. Making what was once a numbers game into something far more effective. So the next time you’ve got the “big one” on the line take a second to relax and breathe knowing that with the proper tools and resources they aren’t so elusive after all.


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Andrew Baril

Andrew Baril

Andrew Baril is a Sales Development Representative at QuotaFactory. Andrew lives in Clinton, Massachusetts, and in his spare time enjoys cooking, reading and longboarding.

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