Sales Acceleration is a Team Effort - Encourage Knowledge Sharing Among SDRs

This spring marks five years for me at QuotaFactory (formerly AG Salesworks) and it also indicates one of our busiest times for recruitment and hiring.  Graduates are soon to be out of school and looking for what to do next to kick start their careers. They may even be looking into tech sales!

Because I am surrounded by it everyday, it’s hard for me to remember a time where I felt nervous about getting on the phone with a prospect or felt super “green” amongst a staff full of veteran SDRs.  I can, however, remember staring at my phone the first day and not wanting to pick it up for fear of the reaction/rejection I would get from the other end.

So, what did I do to build my self confidence during those first few days? I listened to the people around me. Hearing their confidence gave me the confidence to know that I would get to that same level as well, I just wasn’t going to get there staring at my phone hesitating to make a dial.  

There are a lot of tips a new rep (or even a seasoned rep) can pick up just by listening to the SDRs around him or her. Below are some of the things I remember resonating with me as a new rep on the phones.

The Approach.

It may be simple but I learned a lot just by hearing the way my peers spoke to prospects and it made me want to mimic their behavior.  Everyone around me sounded engaged and upbeat when speaking, despite the fact that it may have been the 20th time they’d delivered their pitch that day. If an SDR is disengaged or bored, I promise you it comes out in their voice.  I learned that we meet enough resistance on the other end of the phone day in and day out, the least we can do is stay positive and exhibit that positivity in conversations with prospects.

The Close.

I think I learned everything I needed to know about “closing strategies” from the SDRs around me.  In the beginning, I wasn’t very aggressive when it came to transitioning someone from prospect to qualified lead.  It takes time to discern whether a “no” is a “hard no” or whether they just need some convincing or nudging in the right direction.

[Tweet "Quick #SalesTip: repeat pains back to the prospect before suggesting a meeting."]

One tip I picked up from those around me was to repeat pains back to the prospect before suggesting a meeting. This way, when you do pitch the idea of a meeting it just makes sense that they would want to speak with someone else, because of their pains and challenges with XYZ.

Additionally, making the idea of a meeting a yes or no question seemed to be a quick way to lose the prospect.  Instead, what I heard SDRs saying was, “given the pains I just mentioned, what I’d love to do is get you on the phone with my colleague who can take a deeper dive into how we can help. What time works for you next week?”  BOOM, meeting booked!

We encourage a lot of peer to peer coaching at QuotaFactory through call shadows and group strategy sessions but I think SDRs would be surprised at how much they can learn just by hearing the reps around them...they just need to be listening for it.

How do you encourage knowledge sharing among your sales development reps in order to accelerate sales?

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Kim Staib

Kim Staib

Kim is QuotaFactory's Director of Client Success, and is responsible for rolling out new project implementations. Also under Kim's direction are reporting and continuous contact list development and refinement, as well as ensuring the ongoing success of our customer engagements.

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