Are Your Sales Reps Cold Calling? They Should NOT!

You may have sales reps or account executives that are responsible for closing business. So assuming that you also have sales (business) development reps (SDR) who qualify opportunities for your business. Well then, your account executives aren’t making phone calls, right?

If your sales reps are carrying a quota based on closed business, they should not be making qualifying cold calls. They need to be taking qualified leads and moving them through the sales cycle to closure. Their focus should be on one thing – closing.

So why are so many companies struggling to solidify their business development model? The answer is overhead. It is difficult and costly to bring in a bunch of internal SDR’s of whom you have to pay a salary, incentives, and benefits to. You also need the management in place to train, mentor and coach these reps to success.

Your marketing team is working hard on your brand and working diligently on bringing in leads that turn into pipeline, but you need a team that will nurture that pipeline through your sales cycle. SDR’s are an invaluable component of your success, which is why so many companies outsource this function.

It’s a fact that 54% of your inside sales reps will not make their quota this year. Let that sink in for a bit...Now, what impactful actions are you going to take to help your team meet their goals and drive revenue for your company?

Imagine having a steady flow of qualified opportunities being farmed out to your closers? Imagine that process costing you a fraction of what it would to hire a handful of internal development reps? Taking advantage of this sales model, while also having the work your marketing team is already doing to generate demand, can set you up for amazing sales growth.

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