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A long time ago at a B2B company far, far away there was a sales team with an unorganized sales and marketing process and a broken strategy. They quickly turned to Sales Wars for sales development perspectives, tips, and stories to accelerate their sales and marketing forecast.

Sales Development Reps Joining the Interview Process?

Feb. 26 Tips From SDRs Interviewing

Its Friday morning and I’m just settling in. It was a strong week for the whole team and I’m really looking forward to this Friday being a great...

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5 Tactics To Keep Your Sales Development Team Engaged

According to SiriusDecisions, 54% of sales reps won’t make quota this year. If that were a stat that reflected our performance in the last 13 years since AG Salesworks opened its doors, we probably would have gone out of business 10 years ago… if...

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3 CRM Sales Hacks for Better Sales Development Productivity

By now, everyone in sales and marketing should be aware of the variety of tools we have at our disposal to allow us to be more effective at our craft. From marketing automation platforms to SEO solutions to better list resources, we have many ways...

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The 5 Musts of a Sales Call Plan for Marketing Qualified Leads

When a new marketing qualified lead arrives in your team’s dashboard for you to prospect, either from a sales enablement rep or a sales acceleration technology, what is the first thing they do?

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How Fast Should Your Sales Development Team Act on MQL's?

Marketing qualified leads, more commonly known as MQL’s, are precious gems in sales. Studies have shown that sales development teams should call on MQL’s for further qualifying within a day, leaving time for targeted research.

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