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A long time ago at a B2B company far, far away there was a sales team with an unorganized sales and marketing process and a broken strategy. They quickly turned to Sales Wars for sales development perspectives, tips, and stories to accelerate their sales and marketing forecast.

So, You Want to be a Sales Development Rep?

Nov. 12 Tips From SDRs Skill Development Sales Development Prospecting Strategies

Thinking about being a sales development rep? Have we got the eBook for you! At QuotaFactory, we've been in the SDR community since 2002, while...

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Why Storytelling SDRs Convert More MQLs

Some of the best sales reps I’ve worked with over the years all really know how to tell a good story. Starting out as a services company it has always been vital for our prospects to understand where we came from and how we landed here today.  At...

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A Word to the SDR Desiring More Sales Training

One of the things I’m working on at Care is trying to build a world class sales training program.  Our new VP of Global Sales, Ben Robinson, had only been here for a month when he realized that this was something that our entire sales team could...

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3 Sales Training Techniques to Help Your Reps Exceed Quota

Sales is an interesting profession; too often people believe that you’re either born a natural salespeople, or you’re not. While some people certainly seem to possess the innate skills necessary to excel in sales, that doesn’t mean that others can’t...

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3 Sales Tips for Your Reps Prospecting MQLs

Over the years I am confident in saying that of all the client engagements I have worked on and managed over the last four years, a vast majority of them have been straight outbound cold prospecting.  The client fills out a target profile detailing...

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7 Symptoms of SDR Failure to Meet Quota

Sales Wars is pleased to bring you a guest post from Sales Jedi Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing

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Why Your Sales Development Training Isn't Working

Sales Wars is pleased to bring you a guest blog post from Sales Jedi Colleen Francis, best-selling author and founder of Engage Selling

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3 Sales Meeting Hacks from a Seasoned CRO

I am constantly reminding my sales team to “add value with every interaction.” Not only do I believe that to be important and sound business advice, but I believe, as a CRO, I should be doing the same with my team.

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It’s Time B2B Sales Teams Return to the 40-Hour Work Week

Early April may be a little late for a resolution, but at least that means I won’t be part of the 92% of people who fail to achieve their New Year’s goals each year. I’m often disillusioned by resolution posts, but when I read an excellent article...

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