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Sales Development Reps Joining the Interview Process?

Feb. 26 Tips From SDRs Interviewing

Its Friday morning and I’m just settling in. It was a strong week for the whole team and I’m really looking forward to this Friday being a great...

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Why You Need More Than One Rep On Your Sales Development Team

Your sales development team has heard it before: cold calling is not a walk in the park. Sometimes, it will seem like a monumental struggle, trudging through lists full of incorrect contacts and trying your best to influence influencers. It can be...

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A Great Method for Motivating Your Sales Development Team

Sales Wars is pleased to bring you a guest post from Sales Jedi Samantha StoneFounder of The Marketing Advisory Network.

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Transform Your Prospects into the “Champion” to Their Boss When B2B Prospecting

As sales managers, it's critical that your SDRs get the most out of every conversation they have when B2B prospecting, regardless of whether that prospect is the final decision maker or not. Even with pre-call research completed, it is important to...

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Prospect Relationship Management Solves the SDR Accountability Issue

If you are overseeing a team of sales development representatives, you need to be able to manage their performance metrics, database, and overall prospecting plan to remain on track to reach quota and produce qualified leads for your closing reps....

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3 Outbound Sales Lessons to Incorporate in Your 2016 Prospecting Plan

It’s hard to believe that 2016 is right around the corner. Have you learned from the mistakes you’ve made in 2015? After making tens of thousands of phone calls this year, here are 3 lessons I know I’ll be sure to incorporate into my new year's...

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What the Holidays Teach About Instilling Urgency in B2B Prospecting Calls

I was embarking on my long journey home from work the other evening and out of the corner of my eye I saw Christmas lights. I was floored. I thought to myself, now that’s a family that likes to get things done early! I stopped to do some errands and...

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Overcoming Cold Call Reluctance: 3 tips for new SDRs

I think it’s safe to say that nearly everyone in the sales game had humble beginnings. Some of you may have had the fake bravado on the outside when you started, but on the inside, like me, you were probably scared out of your mind.

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The Best Method for Generating Fully Qualified Leads

& 9 Tips to Improve Sales Performance

There has been constant debate over the best method for generating fully qualified leads for sales teams. Some salespeople rely primarily on email, and we’ve noticed a corresponding trend in technology...

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