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A long time ago at a B2B company far, far away there was a sales team with an unorganized sales and marketing process and a broken strategy. They quickly turned to Sales Wars for sales development perspectives, tips, and stories to accelerate their sales and marketing forecast.

Sales Development Reps Joining the Interview Process?

Feb. 26 Tips From SDRs Interviewing

Its Friday morning and I’m just settling in. It was a strong week for the whole team and I’m really looking forward to this Friday being a great...

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3 Strategic Ways to Organize Sales Pipeline for Success

As Sales Development Reps, pipeline management is crucial to our everyday prospecting efforts. Having an organized sales pipeline not only makes sales prospecting effective, it makes it efficient.

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3 Sales Development Tips to Generate Qualified Leads

As a Sales Development Manager in the B2B technology space it’s not uncommon to see sales development reps become intimidated when being introduced to a client whose technology or industry is new to them. As they’re receiving introductory...

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Don’t Forget These 3 Steps When Evaluating B2B Lists

It’s evident that more and more data vendors are entering the market so it’s important for you to stay organized and work with proper guidelines when procuring a B2B list to prospect.  As a client success manager I want to ensure that my clients are...

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Sales Development Tools are Just Tools Without an Expert

I’m not sure about you, but I am an eternal optimist.  I see it as a great blessing that I always see the glass as half full.  I believe it has been helpful in all areas of my life and has enabled me to reach a level of happiness and professional...

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3 Sales Tips for Your Reps Prospecting MQLs

Over the years I am confident in saying that of all the client engagements I have worked on and managed over the last four years, a vast majority of them have been straight outbound cold prospecting.  The client fills out a target profile detailing...

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5 Ways to Personalize a Call With a Marketing Qualified Lead

The ultimate goal when receiving a marketing qualified lead is to convert it to a sales opportunity. Whether you’re calling on a whitepaper download, webinar attendance, or an inquiry request, it is essential to personalize your approach when...

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3 Reasons Why Context Trumps Content When Social Selling

Sales Wars is pleased to bring you a guest post from Kevin Thomas Tully, founder and CEO of ScealCom. 

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