The Best Method for Generating Fully Qualified Leads

& 9 Tips to Improve Sales Performance

There has been constant debate over the best method for generating fully qualified leads for sales teams. Some salespeople rely primarily on email, and we’ve noticed a corresponding trend in technology offerings that assist heavily in email functionality. But what about the telephone? At QuotaFactory, we promote picking up the phone rather than relying solely on email.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, you must distance yourself from the status quo. Stop wasting your time reading up on the latest and greatest email templates, best days and times to send emails, and mining for correct email sequences. Let’s start speaking with prospects live on the phone and stop cluttering inboxes, slowing productivity.

We drilled into thousands of our own fully qualified leads to find the truth once and for all. What method is best to connect with more prospective customers and produce qualified leads, phone or email? Our most recent quarterly numbers will provide the facts. Conversations where sales context was gathered during Q1, Q2, and Q3 of 2015 found that the most number of conversations that led to fully qualified leads were obtained via phone rather than email.

Check out our infographic below to uncover our quarterly phone to email ratios and brush up on your phone techniques with our quick tips as well. Please feel free to share!:

The Best Method for Generating Fully Qualified Leads

What do you think of our findings, would you agree with our bottom line? We'd like to compare notes and the results yielded from your own investigation. Let us know in the comments below.

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Michaela Cheevers

Michaela Cheevers

Michaela Cheevers is an Account Development Manager at O.C. Tanner. She is responsible for developing and managing the recognition strategies of organizations in the Northeast. Her mission is to help companies recognize and celebrate the great work accomplished by their employees through the power of appreciation.

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