The Diminishing Salesforce

There is turnover in sales, it’s no surprise to any sales management team that they will likely lose all of their sales reps, and more likely at the peaks of their careers within an organization. People will move on with the promise of greener grass and lush lands and while it may be a great decision, often times folks are left regretting their decisions.

Our workforce is dwindling - whether you blame politics or baby boomers retiring - we need more people filling the roles that drive revenue. But the real question is how do you get talented butts in the seats you need filled.

There are a couple of methods that might work for you. Consider a mentorship program where you hire fresh college grads and bring them onto train and shadow within the different areas of your organization. Set up a 12 - 24 month program where they are learning the ins and outs of what makes your company succeed and then at the completion of their training, they can be promoted into roles that will make a difference. Whether it’s a sales position, or an engineering role or data scientist gig, they will be better prepared to make an impact on your bottom line. Your talent pipeline will always be filled as you continuously bring on new grads.

If that sounds like too much of an investment or if you are struggling to find and keep talented sales reps, consider working with an outsourced firm that has a guaranteed track record of developing pipeline for their clients. Finding talented sales reps is a task in and of itself, but getting them trained and developing leads or closed business takes time. You also have the overhead costs of having another employee and you may not be prepared for when they decide to leave your company or take on another role from within.

If the thought of getting a team up and running in two weeks and delivering real ROI in a month sounds like exactly what you need, then contact us to learn more today.



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