The Organizationally Challenged SDR

This is for all of you out there that do not adhere to the “traditional” SDR title. I am the organizationally challenged SDR. I see things differently. A schedule, to me, is confining and really stifling. Maybe I was meant to be an artist, but I love my job. This is my art. I find a way to make everyday new and exciting, (and still hit my numbers at the end of the month) without necessarily following all of the typical rules and restrictions today’s SDRs tend to follow.

Now, if you’re anything like me, you hate adhering to schedules, and cannot work well under the strain and pressure of knowing that you have a time limit and a time frame for everything, but you know you need to be productive and hit quota.

Picture this. . . It's Monday, and a busy week of cold calling and scheduling meeting awaits you. Is there anyway to put a full five-day week in a perspective that is organized, when you’re not? I am the free spirit of the marketing community. How do I ensure that I am hitting my numbers and making quota?

Make a Strategy, Not a Schedule.

First, it is NOT impossible to live by a schedule, it just isn’t easy for me. You must keep that in mind, there are things that you will absolutely NEED your calendar for, so make it your friend and open it every morning while you’re checking your email and scan it, make note of important things and important times. There are things on there that you must keep in mind. Second, if like me, you do not want to schedule every minute of every day Monday through Friday there are some basic rules you need to adopt and learn them, live by them, and love them.

Make a Daily “To-Do” List

I know this one can be time consuming, but in the end it’s the most organized you’ll ever have to be. Make a list of tasks that you want to achieve – number of calls, number of emails, reports, creating a new email template – whatever it is that you need to get done that day. That way as you go on with your day you can check your progress and cross things off, without feeling like its planned to a T. This keeps me mildly on track, without feeling like I am stuck to a schedule.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

We all know what our quota is, and we have some idea on how to achieve it. Keep focused on that goal. Keep oriented on that goal daily. Make every task you do a step on the ladder to the top of your goal. You don’t have to be organized to be ambitious. Know your goal, keep focused on your goal, and reach your goal.

Make Every Conversation Count

Every person that you speak with, in any organization, is vital to some process that organization has. Everyone wants to feel important, so make them feel like they are exactly the right person. Speak with the wrong people and ask questions, be curious about the organization. Gather information – use the snowball effect – and leverage that when you finally hit the right person, that way they feel like you took the time to know their company and their challenges; rather than going in blind.

Follow Up Emails

Not everyone is a believer in this, but I am. Follow up every relevant conversation with an email that just thanks them for their time. I find that when you spend an extra five minutes to send this out, you will see a higher possibility of moving forward with the business relationship. People want to be valued and know that you value them and their time. Plus, this gives me the chance to build my brand as an SDR and the company I’m calling for. This shows that I care enough to send out a follow up and be their point of contact for questions and concerns.

Stay Encouraged

This job is 99% rejection. We all know that. Live for “Yes” moments, and don’t let the “No’s” be what sticks with you. Look at every call and every conversation as an opportunity to either succeed or learn. This is a big part of success. Sure, you could say if I make “x” amount of calls, I will talk to “y” amount of people and in the end, quota hits itself, but if you do not stick to it and push through it, it won’t make a difference.

I use these rules to keep myself hitting and exceeding my quotas. Do I schedule every minute of every day? ABSOLUTELY NOT. It’s too confining, I feel trapped to move on to the next block on my calendar, (even if I am having a great day prospecting), but I do make the most out of my time. Small things keep me on track to hit daily and monthly quotas.

….Oh no, I am late for a meeting…..

I am still the organizationally challenged SDR.

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Stephanie Haddock

Stephanie Haddock

Stephanie Haddock is an SDR I at QuotaFactory. With many years of experience in the marketing and sales, she specializes in strategic account based projects. She currently lives in Prescott, Arizona two hours north of the Sonoran Desert and enjoys the high desert mountains.

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